New training company : CTMSI :Process Simulator

New training company : CTMSI :Process Simulator

New training company : CTMSI :Process Simulator

CTMSI has a suite of mobile laptops that can travel anywhere, that we use for process simulator training : we can travel globally to deliver training. From awareness & introductory level for anyone, to complex offshore models we can cater for all. The process simulators ‘standard’ models cover:

• Basic Control Principles
• Complex Control Principles
• Basic Plant Subsystems
• Basic Plant Systems
• Complete plants -onshore or offshore

Steady state operations on process plant prevents many technicians/supervisors from learning basic start-up and shutdown procedures and processes, as well as maintenance isolations and fault finding. Our simulator based training allows delegates to work on process plant with total safety and freedom exploring areas such as alarm, trip & ESD envelopes. The simulator environment allows the instructor to introduce faults, providing delegates with experience and confidence to approach on-plant activities.

Within the training room we can provide training and assessment from basic systems through to complete plant start-up / shutdown and fault finding. The basic models take ~3 hours per candidate, with complex training courses lasting several days.




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  1. Max says:

    The process simulators look great, what short courses are there?

    1. Jayvee says:

      Th’ats going to make things a lot easier from here on out.

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