TRAINING PROVIDERS : advertise here

TRAINING PROVIDERS : advertise here

TRAINING PROVIDERS : advertise here

Would you like to see your company listed here?

We have launched a new training portal CTMSI (Competence & Training Management Services International) and are aggressively building our portfolio so we will be the place to look for training & consultancy. One major benefit is that your company will also be added to our sister company for free.

If you would like to advertise your courses on our site the prices are:


  1. Only £10 per course/annum.
    1. Courses over 50 in total are only £5/course/annum
    2. We do not take bookings, full contact details are on your pages that take clients to your site


  1. We have a full course booking and payment system
  2. We can Schedule your courses
    1. For this service we charge a small booking fee


  1. We have a full e-commerce site and can sell products, services, eLearning CBTs etc
    1. For this service we charge 5% of value
  2. We have a full eLearning CBT development capability and can work with you to develop online courses

There is no contract to sign and we will not ask for exclusivity. Please contact us to have your courses advertised on-line within the hour!

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