1st July 2023 - 2nd July 2023 15:59 Stonehaven Training Centre, Scotland AB39

Course Overview

This is a course is hands-on process simulators, which provides a safe environment to start-up, fault-find and shutdown the production process. The course task is to store as much oil on the tankers as possible within the time allotted, and complete the tasks allocated. Any uncompleted tasks will have penalties against production values! This is a fun hands-on course suitable for anyone. These process simulator courses are designed for anyone to undertake : supervisors, technicians, control room technicians, anyone! No prior knowledge is required to do these courses, can be used as a team-building event in your office.

Tanker details

  • Production 40,000 m3
  • Fuel 2,800 m3
  • Ballast 100,00m3

The ballast in the tanker is currently being pumped out, this may be quicker than oil going in. If this is so, isolate the ballast to balance the boat. Fuel oil (diesel) is being bunkered for the tanker to use – don’t spill any in the harbour!

Date & location:

1st July 2023 - 2nd July 2023 15:59 Stonehaven Training Centre, Scotland AB39

Please note that the process simulators are mobile, and for a mob/de-mob fee we can come to your office/location. We can run these on almost any date upon request.


Number of places available : 4

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