No risk

With the use of process simulators Learn how to start-up, fault find and shut-down in a safe environment.

Reduce Cost

With the use of eLearning CBTs Choose from our portfolio of Computer Based Training packages that are web based or stand-alone, or we will build a bespoke one with you.

Save Money

Optimise a training campaign roll-out with blended learning Using our experienced trainers we can optimise a training requirement roll-out.

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We have a suite of mobile laptops that can travel anywhere, that we use for our process simulator training : we can travel globally to deliver our training. From awareness & introductory level for anyone, to complex offshore models we can cater for
This is a process simulator competition to show the power and versatility of the process simulators. The challenge is to store as much oil on the tankers as possible within the time allotted, and complete the tasks allocated. Any uncompleted tasks will

Training Solutions


Process Simulators

Learn to start-up, shut-down and fault find in a safe environment : no harm to production, income or plant


eLearning CBT

We can provide stand-alone or on-line Computer Based Training packages, either off the shelf or bespoke to your requirements


Classroom based blended learning

Using one of our experienced trainers we will deliver one of our standard training courses, or design a bespoke one to your requirements.

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